Allow me to Introduce Myself

My name is Paige. I am not a teacher, a doctor, a parenting expert (whatever that means), a journalist, or anything else that might qualify me to write an instructional blog. I am, however, a mother of two children and I love to talk about anything involving them. So when my cousin Andrea asked if I would be interested in writing for Busy Bodies’ blog, I jumped at the chance. The request didn’t come completely out of left field, of course. I express myself best through writing and have written a few guest posts on other people’s blogs over the years (see the links below if you’re interested), mainly about the challenges of being the parent of a child with food allergies.

To give you an idea of what you might expect from future posts, I will tell you I am the mother of a nine year old girl and a seven year old boy. I don’t care much for labels, but lean toward the gentle discipline and attachment parenting style for myself. I work full-time (as an archaeologist, which is not entirely irrelevant to my parenting philosophy). I had one c-section and one all-natural birth. I coslept with both babies and, to be honest, still wake up many mornings at the bottom of a puppy pile. I had one baby that hated being worn and one that loved it into toddlerhood. I nursed both of my babies, pumped at work, supplemented with formula, and had to wean my son early due to his health issues. He has multiple life-threatening food allergies, asthma, and chronic eczema, which is the factor that has probably had the biggest impact on me as a person and a mother.

Regardless of my personal choices and experiences, I strongly believe that there is no single “right” way to parent. It’s a beautifully complicated dance involving an ever-increasing spiral of people from parent(s) and child all the way out to society as a whole. In this dance, the best any of us can really do is try to keep the rhythm and avoid breaking anyone else’s toes when we inevitably mis-step – and we will ALL mis-step.

From pregnancy to labor to nursing to discipline and beyond, I am happy expound on my own thoughts and experiences and listen avidly to other people’s. I look forward to discussing many topics and hope to hear from readers along the way about their own thoughts on what I write and ideas of what they’d like to read about. Thanks for checking out The Buzz and be sure to stop in at the first of every month to read more!


My proudest moment; getting a guest blog published on RantsFromMommyland (still not sure why they changed my name to Portia):

A guest series about my son’s health problems and our trip to a hospital in Denver to improve his quality of life (originally posted on The Family Pants):



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