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Can I drop off my child at Busy Bodies?

No. Parents and caregivers must accompany their children at all times. We are not a drop-off play space or day care.

Do I have to take my shoes off?

Yes. We ask that everyone wear only socks in the play space to keep the area safe and clean for our little busy bodies.

Do you have a place to put my belongings?

We have cubbies to put your bags, shoes, etc. but they are not locked. You are responsible for your belongings.

Do you offer Day Passes?

Yes. We offer a variety of options to come play with us. Please see our Classes section for membership or Day Pass options.

Do you offer Food?

No. We do not offer food but allow you to bring in snacks to eat in designated areas. We ask that you are considerate of those with nut allergies and do not bring any into the space.

May I Breast Feed my child at Busy Bodies?

Yes. Please feel free to nurture your child wherever and whenever necessary!

What is your sick child policy?

We ask that you do not bring a sick child into the facility in consideration of the other children.

Do you have a changing table / potty-training toilet?

Yes. We have a changing table and a second bathroom that features a child-sized toilet for training.

Do you offer a sibling discount?

Yes. We offer a 50% sibling discount all classes.

Siblings under 3 months are not charged for Classes or Open Play.

Siblings under 6 months are not charged for Open Play and receive a 50% discount for all Classes.

Unlimited Memberships are for 1 child an 1 sibling. There is a $10/per child for all classes. There is unlimited Open Play for both.


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