Our Classes

Our group classes encourage intellectual and physical growth through both fun and play in a stimulating, safe environment.

Open Play Group

This class will give you and your child the space you both need to play, learn and socialize. Open play will assist your child in building important developmental skills. Let your child roam freely in a bright, safe, engaging environment with a variety of toys, mats, art supplies, books and games. There is something for every child to indulge in at Busy Bodies. Join us to make new friends for you and your child. Open play welcomes children from newborn to 4 years old.

Spanish Sing-Along

Join us every Friday morning for Anza’s Spanish Music Sing-a-long. Anza’s love of music and children is ever so present during this 45 minute group class. You and your child can sit back and enjoy Anza’s Spanish songs, guitar, flute, animal puppets and bubbles! This class will help to introduce your child to spanish in a fun, social and engaging way.  All ages welcome.

Sing-Along – Presented by Yo Re Mi

This class features familiar sing-along songs as well as new ones. Children develop coordination through rhythm exercises, discover the joy of playing instruments, and learn basic yoga poses. Early exposure to music is essential to developing minds, and enriches the dynamic between child and parent. Children share and express in a group environment. Dan Costello is an early childhood and elementary music educator who designs and implements curriculum at The Co-op School and Tribeca Community School. Children should attend with a parent or caregiver. All ages Welcome.

Moosiki Music Class

Moosiki Kids offers a program that nourishes development through music, including communication through baby sign language, guided play through repetition of original music each week, music appreciation of popular children’s music and child appropriate rock music, and exposure to new sounds and rhythms by introducing a new “instrument of the week” each week in class, including the guitar, banjo, clarinet, ukulele and trombone, among others.

Moosiki Kids classes are 45 minute interactive “grownup-and-me” style music classes for adults and children ages 4 months to 4 years. Moosiki Kids blends traditional musical learning with a more relaxed, rock-and-roll style, having fun while actually learning musical terms and playing musical instruments of our own. Of course we need to mix it up by using a parachute, puppets, and other various props, all the while incorporating music in every exercise. Our number one goal is to have fun, and by doing so, learn musically at the same time!

Moosiki Twos/Threes Class – Wednesdays at 10am
Here comes treble-these kids are ready to bop it like a tot! This class for twos and 3 year olds allows children to explore the room while exploring music at the same time! Students in this class are typically walking, jumping, and talking.

Moosiki Infants/Ones class – Wednesdays at 11:30am 
From their first grasp of a baby maraca to their first crawl around the room, our Moos-ic Babies class for infants and one-year-olds encourages development through music and meeting new friends! Students in this class are typically seated, crawling, or taking their first steps!

Classes Are Limited to 16

Fall Series

November 1st through December 20th / 7 Weeks – $140 / **No Class Week of Thanksgiving

Winter Series

January 10th through March 28st, 2018 / 11 Week Series – $220 / **No Class Presidents Week

Contact info@busybodiesbrooklyn.com to register

Hop Along Andrew Cowpoke Class

Hopalong Andrew plays interactive concerts geared for all-age enjoyment, singing the great folk songs, fireside ballads, and cowboy favorites of the silver screen. For his smaller events, Hopalong Andrew performs as a rollicking 1-man band, bringing his guitar, banjo, harmonica, and suitcase drum kit. His program’s built-in activities (such as “The Cozy Corrall,” The Barndance, “The Hopalong Express,” and “The Campfire”) encourage participation and interaction, creating a fun and positive space for play, music and rhythm training, and vibrant social interaction. He’ll get everybody to sing along, dance along, play along, and have an all-Americana good time.

Join us Every Thursday at 4pm!!

Toddler Playgroup

This 1 hour and 30 minute Playgroup allows children to socialize, begin to gain independence and prepare for preschool. The class includes guided open play, story time, arts & crafts and a group snack. Classes are limited to 12 children. Ages: 2s/Early 3s

This class meets twice a week on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays at 10am to 11:30am

8 Week Fall Series Runs October 31st through December 21st / 15 Sessions Total / $375 for Full Series / $200 for Partial Series / *No Class Thanksgiving

*This Series is Full!

Next 9 Week Winter Series Runs January 2nd through March 1st / 16 Sessions Total / $450 for Full Series / $225 for Partial Series

*Space Available

Please contact info@busybodiesbrooklyn.com to register for next series

Spanish Immersion Playgroup

This playgroup consist in 90 minutes of play, music and socialization always is Spanish. We plan activities aimed to developing Spanish vocabulary, logical thinking and awakening children’s curiosity through a variety of activities that include open play, music, sing-along, dancing and arts and crafts. Kids will be in constant participation always respecting every child’s pace using their natural talents and interests to plan each activity accordingly. Classes are limited to 12 children. Ages: 2s/Early 3s

This Class meets once a week on Mondays from 10am to 11:30am

8 Week Winter Series Runs January 8th through February 26th  – $220

Please contact info@busybodiesbrooklyn.com to register for next series

Infant Developmental Movement

During the first year of your baby’s life, movement affects the mental, emotional and physical well-being of your child and the adult your child will become. Their arrival, comfort, bonding, and curiosity are supported by the process of these develop”mental” movement patterns. Through observation, touch and play we set a safe container to support your baby to thrive, in their comfort, at their own pace.

Classes are designed to educate parents and caretakers to recognize and facilitate an easy, layered sequence of finding Midline, Rolling, Creeping, Crawling, Sitting, Kneeling and Standing – building your baby’s brain and body. By gracefully opening inner pathways, we open their world of choices. Classes support the natural three dimensional ways of being and moving in the world. Join to observe, ask questions and share your curiosities about your baby’s developmental movement patterns.

Workshop Coming Soon!

Future Events

We intend on offering a variety of classes and seminars including, but not limited to, the following:
> Infant Massage Classes
> Baby Wearing Classes
> Childbirth Classes
> Infant CPR Classes
> Movement classes for infants and toddlers
> Lecture Series for New Parents with specialists
> Learning through Play
> Early Intervention that counts
> Cooking for Baby and Toddler
> Nutrition for the whole family
> Understanding Milestones
> Mindful Parenting

If you are interested in teaching a class or seminar, please contact us.

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